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At Revive Body Sculpting, helping you look and feel your best is our specialty. We use the world’s most advanced solution for non-surgical fat loss and skin tightening: non-surgical ultrasound cavitation.

Join the 20,000+ clients that our experts have helped to look and feel their best. 

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Advanced Procedures Lead to Amazing Results


This new procedure offers a pain-free solution that targests the exact areas you want to reshape instantly.

Lipo Sculpt Lite

Revolutionary new soft laser technology reduces pockets of unwanted fat painlessly, that diet and exercise fail to achieve.

Ultra Lift

Ultrasound is a totally new way to tighten, tone, and lift the brow, face, and neck. Not just skin deep, but deeper into the same fibro-muscular tissues that are typically targeted with surgery.

Therma Lift

Now you can roll back nature's clock with the same secret the celebrities and Hollywood a-listers use to stay red carpet ready.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Since my last post, my husband and I continue going to treatments. We really see a difference. We have only been working on our abdomen area but as long as you drink plenty of water, watch your calories, and do cardio after a treatment you will see results.

Nancy B.

Aliso Viejo

When I called the lady was very knowledgable and patient with my 100 questions. When I received my treatment everyone was very accomodating and made me feel like family. The results are amazing. Highly recommended!

Paul N.