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Elisha is great. She’s very, very good. I love this place. They give you a very thorough appointment going over every area. Yipee!

Deb R.

Laguna Nigel

I went in yesterday for my first cavitation appointment and Gabby was absolutely wonderful. I have noticed some change. I am looking forward to seeing more progress.

Cheri O.


This is the best cosmetic treatment. The staff was the best, the customer service is the best. Marie is the most processional and knowledgeable. The results were very positive!

Best L.


This place is amazing. Ellie helps dme get a great deal on packages and Marie is such a joy to be around. The treatments were customized to my needs and it was not just run of the mill high-pressure sales. Treatments were amazing.

Jackie O.


The staff were incredibly professional and friendly. They really know what they are doing there and spend a great deal of time to find out exactly the result you want. The results were fabulous and I will go back!

Karen N.

Laguna Beach

Christine is the best technician here. She did an amazing job on my bod. She is dedicated to her work and the facility is very clean and nice. I definitely recommend it!



This place is ah-mazing! The results are truly impressive and surprising! Christine is absolutely wonderful!

Gina G.


Ultra Lift! I did it twice and really saw a big difference. My face became firmer and younger. My fine lines disappeared. After you leave the office your face is glowing and very, very smooth!

Alia M.

Santa Monica

You. must experience this amazing concept. Lose inches while being treated with experience by friendly staff. The treatment rooms are beautifully decorated and relaxing. I am very happy with my results.

Alia M.

Santa Monica

Since my last post, my husband and I continue going to treatments. We really see a difference. We have only been working on our abdomen area but as long as you drink plenty of water, watch your calories, and do cardio after a treatment you will see results.

Nancy B.

Aliso Viejo

When I called the lady was very knowledgable and patient with my 100 questions. When I received my treatment everyone was very accomodating and made me feel like family. The results are amazing. Highly recommended!

Paul N.